Project 1: Dots that move around at random
Project 2: Just changing some colors
Project 3: Trying to have 1 dot moving around, with a chance of multiplying
Project 4: Adding blobs of different colors
Project 5: If blue and red blob meet, the make a purple one
Project 6: Started to use javascript instead..
Project 7: Trying once more to get different colors
Project 8: Creating 2 colors. When they meet, they stop
Project 9: Creating 2 circles. When they meet, they light up
Project 10: Creating 2 colors, many circles. When they meet, they light up
Project 11: Going back to project 8 becuase it's working as it should now.They will now create offsprings
Project 12: Havnig 3 different parent colors now, they'll be able to create different kinds of offsprings
Project 13: Trying different shapes
Project 14: It's spinning!
Project 15: Bouncy ball bouncing!
Project 16: Bouncy ball bouncing! Now with some energy loss when bouncing
Project 17 aka the cannon game!: Cannon turret!
Project 17,5 Cannon turret! Child friendly game, but no highscore
Project 18: Old windows screen saver - stars in space!
Project 19: Worm hole kind of thing..
Project 20: Spaceship!
Project 21: New bouncing ball
Project 22: This is starting to look like a new game
Project 23: It now has 2 levels and score